Schimmel Security is a state of the art protection service. Services include the protection of property, transportation and personnel. Schimmel Security has been utilized in both the public and private sector. With a "no questions asked" policy, Schimmel Security insures each client is given the same high-level of protection that Schimmel Security personnel pride themselves in.

Schimmel Security headquarters is housed in a secure undisclosed location where the whole operation is capable of being moved at a moments notice if security is compromised.

Each Schimmel Security employee is trained personally by Dodi Schimmel, the founder and owner. Only after a rigorous back-ground check, is a prospective employee allowed to enter basic training. If a prospective employee survives basic training, he or she is then asked to take an oath of loyalty before continuing with their training. The oath is so strong, even former employees will not divulge what they have experienced after basic training.

Having an established client base, new clients are obtained by referral only.

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