1.15.2010 -Update: Lola Sanchez denied position as the new Taco Bell dog, nationality issues.
Anonymous sources state that Ms Sanchez was dropped from consideration because Ms Sanchez did not submit the necessary nationality paperwork before the deadline and that there were discrepancies in the background check that was performed. When asked for a statement, Ms Sanchez replied "I guess I paid off the wrong people."

7.22.2009 - Breaking News: Lola Sanchez makes case for being the new Taco Bell dog.
After receiving the news that Gidget, the famed Chihuahua who appeared in Taco Bell ads had died on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 at the age of 15, Ms Sanchez held a press conference to announce her campaign for the recently opened postion at Taco Bell. More details to follow.

Lola Sanchez is an illegal immigrant who arrived at our door step December 2006. Ms Sanchez quickly made herself accustomed to her new living abode with her friendly demeanor. Being from south of the border, Ms Sanchez had a hard time finding employment until she received her green card. Once having the green card in hand, she quickly went from one job to the next, each job being better than the last. Starting out as a cigarette girl at Ms Schimmelís dance clubs, Ms Sanchez occasionally made stage performances for the extra dollars. During the daylight hours, Ms Sanchez was the manager of Pinkus Properties West which oversaw various rental properties in Brockport. Employing over 30 employees, Ms Sanchez scheduled and directed the maintenances plans of the properties.

After realizing that the rental properties were on a downward slide, Ms Sanchez began to develop a Brockport based business in the food industry, Lola's Wraps. Ms Sanchez developed her customer base by first making the Pinkus employees to buy and taste-test her wraps. No ingredient was off-limits in the creation of the wraps. After choosing an interesting menu selection, Ms Sanchez expanded her customer base by making the Pinkus employees sell and deliver the wraps to the renters of Pinkus Properties. As business continued to expand, Ms Sanchez utilized the Erie Canal for deliveries, thus avoiding any shipping tariffs that may occur with overland transportation.

In June of 2008, Lola's Wraps moved its operations to Brighton, Ms Sanchez reasoning was ďThatís where the money isĒ. After a slow start, Lola's Wraps is gaining a foothold in the Brighton area, catering to daycares to get a ground-roots customer base on the east-side. Lola's Wraps still makes deliveries to the west-side, utilizing the Erie Canal but expects to discontinue sales to the west-side in the near future citing transportation costs.

On the personal side, Ms Sanchez has had an on and off relationship with Tido, a naturalized Mexican.

Rumor Mill: Ms Sanchez would not comment on reports there was an addictive additive in the wraps. With the diminishing supply on the west-side, a lucrative wrap black market seems to be growing. Disgruntled customers are complaining it is just a scheme by Lola Wraps.

In a prepared statement, Ms Sanchez states that all ingredients of the wraps are natural and that Lola Wraps has no connection with the black market.


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